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Numerous foundations and institutions give awards for outstanding dissertations and publications. At the homepage of the GraduateCenter you can find more awards and application deadlines.

Communicator Award of the DFG

This award is given to scientists who have made outstanding efforts to present their scientific results to the public. Applications are welcome from individual scientists or from groups of researchers from all disciplines which successfully convey complex scientific topics and the associated social and ethical issues to the larger public.

Endowment: 50,000 €

Deadline: Proposals annually by 31th of December

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Deutscher Studienpreis

The Deutsche Studienpreis of the Körber Foundation annually honors young scientists of outstanding importance. The competition is open to graduates of all scientific disciplines who have graduated with magna or summa cum laude.

Endowment: Awards with a total value of 100,000 €, including three top awards of 30,000 €.

Deadline: Submission deadline is the 1st of March of the year following the graduation.

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